Shaun Merton  - Executive Director & Chairman

Harold Merton - Deputy Chairman

Todd Arthur - Chairman Bands & Hospitality

Shannon Merton - Chairman ​Manpower​

George Georgopoulos - Corporate Liaison Chairman

Sherrie Edwards

Garvin Burt

Don Clayton

​Ben Edwards​

Kevin Campbell


The annual London Santa Claus Parade is presented by a small group of dedicated unpaid volunteers.

​When the parade began in 1956 it was members of the London Jaycees who created it and it continued under their leadership for many years.

Unfortunately the Jaycees International organization in Canada decided that they did not want their chapters holding events like parades and the club disbanded.

At that time a small group of former Jaycees continued on and today it is still led by a former Jaycee Shaun Merton.

Many people think the parade is presented by the City of London but this is not the case. Also we now have to pay thousands of dollars each year to the Police Department to supply us with officers to man the parade route. If we do not pay they will not allow the parade.

​The parade is literally a "Labour of Love" for those committee members who devote long hours to bringing a children's Santa Claus Parade to the citizens of London and


The financial support of a very few London area businesses allows us to continue this event each year. We thank them because without this financial support the parade would no longer exist.